Today, I am demoing a pedal straight off of my board, the MXR Classic Overdive. This small pedal packs a punch and has yet to let me down. The classic overdrive is actually the MXR GT-OD recased for a door buster item at Guitar Center’s recent Black Friday sale. For a guitarist on a budget, this is a great pedal for you.

This transparent overdrive gives a great volume/drive boost with low gain and heavy scoop that breaks up your amp enough to give you some crunch, but stays true to your clean tone.

My go-to pedal 75% of the time. Always on with my gain set at around 10 o’clock. I primarily use this pedal for slow worship songs, or at least I’ll start a song with the Classic Overdrive, then kick into something dirtier as the song progresses.
Here’s a short video where I focus more on the high end, switch pickups, and play a few chords at the end. 

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NOTE: If your video player doesn’t automatically adjust, be sure to change the video quality by clicking the Video Settings or the “Gear Icon” and select 480p for HD clarity. 


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