So much happening for this song right now. First things first, Amanda Lindsey Cook (of Bethel Music) released her solo album “Brave New World” today and features today’s Song of The Week, “Mercy”. Download it from iTunes today!

This song first debuted around the time of Bethel Church’s 2015 Woship U worship conference. My heart was moved, as well as my wife’s, in a huge way. To see a church, through live stream, respond in praise was powerful and draws you in. Amanda Cook has seriously written a song that causes breakthrough and brings restoration through the strength of the Holy Spirit. 

It’s melody is very creative and detailed with the drums really driving the band’s count and rhythm. 

This is honestly an amazing song and with one listen I believe you will feel the presence of God and the wind of grace. If you’d like to jump to a view of a live performance of the song at Worship U, check out the video below and enjoy!


“Mercy” by Amanda Lindsey Cook

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