Now, here is a subject that I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while now. With gear like Strymon’s Timeline and Big/Blue Sky and boutique overdrive pedals, there are guitarists who may not have the funds to purchase that kind of equipment. That can easily scare and cause a musician to become insecure with their music and their ability to produce. A worship guitarist’s pedal board is not limited to a certain brand of pedals and pedalboards. It’s perfectly fine to be a guitarist on a budget. 

We all have to start somewhere. We have our humble beginnings and along with this humble beginnings we may have some insecure moments. That’s okay, we’re human. Showing up to another church’s event with your small (maybe homemade) board with a few pedals that all together cost under $100, only to see another band with a guitarist rig so big that it looks like he sold his first born to purchase. I’ve been there, it honestly does suck, but you’re doing the absolute best that you can with what you have. If God is still moving, and your worship is blessing another soul, then you’re doing your job and doing it well! Also, there’s so much time for you to build your board. Set a goal, give yourself sometime. You’ll get there.

I currently have an MXR Classic OD on my board that might have cost me 50-60 and it does the job! Because I’ve tweaked and utilized it to its full potential until I was able to achieve that sound that I wanted to hear. I now use this pedal as a stage one overdrive and use it constantly!  

Also, used gear is no problem as well. If you walk into your local guitar shop and see a great pedal for a great price, try it out and if all sounds great then you have no excuse to add something new to your board! Because for you, it will be just that. New and ready for you to utilize it in a brand new way. 

TIP: If you’re wanting to purchase new gear, off the shelf or used, check to see if your local guitar shop has a trade and sell deal. Easier on the wallet and takes away some stress when you know the product can be picked up while you’re trying to save up some cash.

I hope this has blessed you and would love to hear stories here, or on Instagram or Twitter @anhonestsound!


Published by: anhonestsound

This is an overflow of creativity, knowledge, and experience. When given a talent, I quickly learned that it is for me to share. My passion is praising Jesus, and worshiping with my peers. My goal is to help upcoming and seasoned musicians reach their full potential. I love music, I love to worship. Here is your opportunity to do this with me. This is a time for me to be practical, to go in depth, to be honest. To make a sound louder than my guitars or amp with my drive to see others succeed. This, is An Honest Sound. -AO

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