Worship. What do we define it as? An experience? Playing your instrument? Sure those do describe certain elements of worship. But worship isn’t all about the time we spend in music. It is so much more than that. Before “worship”, there’s Worship.

Before the stage, the lights or even the instruments and singing there’s worship. All the materialistic things that we have the luxury of using to expand our creativity are great! But you don’t need a mic in front of you to worship Him. All you need is your desire to see His kingdom here on earth.

Now what does that mean?

It means worshiping in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

With His spirit we get to sing His praises and spend time in His presence, His spirit. In truth, we spend time with His people. We advance in the Great Commission. I’m no advanced theologian, so we won’t stay on this long, but the two have to intertwine. You can do these together throughout your day. For years and years we’ve seen the stickers and shirts and quotes, “Worship is a lifestyle”. Which is in fact still true to this day! It is something we do at home, work, school, church. It’s not the playing or the singing, it’s the loving relationship with God and His people.

We don’t sing for ourselves, we’re not performers. We’re worshippers. We usher in His presence, whether that is on the stage or on the streets. With your coworker or with a family member. Worship comes first.

Sure, you’ve probably heard this a million times. Guess what, here’s a million and one. “Worship is a LIFESTYLE”.

My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor ALL DAY LONG.
-Psalm 71:8


Published by: anhonestsound

This is an overflow of creativity, knowledge, and experience. When given a talent, I quickly learned that it is for me to share. My passion is praising Jesus, and worshiping with my peers. My goal is to help upcoming and seasoned musicians reach their full potential. I love music, I love to worship. Here is your opportunity to do this with me. This is a time for me to be practical, to go in depth, to be honest. To make a sound louder than my guitars or amp with my drive to see others succeed. This, is An Honest Sound. -AO

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