In today’s culture it is very easy to appear ”authentic”. Purchasing the right clothes or products to look cool, posting photos and quotes to make it look like you’re on top of your game and you have it all together, building and spending money on gear and not using it to its true potential but you’re so stoked to have it in your hands and show off to your peers. Being authentic takes more than that. In the realm of being on a worship team, it takes not only your musical ability, but a spiritual and moral sacrifice.

Being within a worship team is such a tremendous responsibility and privilege, the same goes for any ministry if we’re being honest. The way we live our lives can determine the way we are looked at and identified with our ministry.

Are we held with high regards?
Are we someone preferred or easy to work with?
What kind of reputation have we earned?

These are simply a few things to consider every now and then. Don’t solely base this on your talents and gifting, but how you serve the Lord and honor the church.

I have this picture in my head; in one hand is an object of my desire: my wife, my guitar, etc. The other hand has the Lord’s word. Sometimes, we have our arms so full of all these different things we enjoy and identify ourselves with and His word and truth is nowhere to be found and we say, “This is what makes me a Christian”. As a Christian, how does our authenticity stem from our possessions?

I’ve fallen into this boat so many times, where I play my guitar so well for a worship song or take cool pictures and post a scripture along with it. All of that stuff is awesome, but was the Lord with me during all that? Was my identity authentic or was I simply painting a picture for everyone?

Imagine the possibilities of fulling committing yourself to Him. Your talents and purpose would skyrocket and He can truly begin to use you and take you to places you’d never would have imaged.

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. – Proverbs 16:3

We have been given this life to answer the calling of the Lord and become who He has called us to be, don’t miss out on that adventure because we lack authenticity and stray from His word. Besides, doing this crazy Christian thing is so much fun when we keep Him by our sides the whole ride.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – C.G. Jung


Published by: anhonestsound

This is an overflow of creativity, knowledge, and experience. When given a talent, I quickly learned that it is for me to share. My passion is praising Jesus, and worshiping with my peers. My goal is to help upcoming and seasoned musicians reach their full potential. I love music, I love to worship. Here is your opportunity to do this with me. This is a time for me to be practical, to go in depth, to be honest. To make a sound louder than my guitars or amp with my drive to see others succeed. This, is An Honest Sound. -AO

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