Reaching a goal or accomplishing something feels great, doesn’t it? We feel a sense of victory and nothing can hold us down. It’s great to celebrate and encourage yourself, you’ve earned it. It’s happened to me plenty of times. Learning a difficult song or flying across the world to lead worship, I’ve felt victorious and on top of the world many times. When we feel that way, we need to remind ourselves that there is still plenty of work to be done.

There are some musicians and worship leaders (I’ve fallen victim to this plenty of times, I’m human too), who ride that high into the ground.

“I did this, I’ve done that, who wants to hear my story for the hundredth time?”

It is honestly very, well, annoying. I can say that because I have annoyed people doing this and have seen the result of my actions. It gives off that you’re somewhat superior, even if some of your peers were involved in your accomplishments. If you taste some sort of victory or reach a goal, enjoy that for a moment and then let’s get right back to work. Don’t get ahead of yourself; you’re only going to trip over yourself. Keep the Lord in front of you as your focus and He’ll never let you down.

You’ll receive your recognition for your hard work; hard work doesn’t always go unseen. But remember why you are doing this, to see His kingdom here on earth. His glory, not yours. We’re all pieces of a huge puzzle and every now and then we’ll have a stand out moment. Celebrate one another, encouragement goes a long way. But always remember that there is still work to be done.

This has been a constant reminder for me for the past 11 years, and I’ve found that it is not my victories or accomplishments that has gotten me to where I am today, it’s my humility and my desire to see His kingdom here on earth. There’s nothing more victorious and worth celebrating than that.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you. James 4.10


Published by: anhonestsound

This is an overflow of creativity, knowledge, and experience. When given a talent, I quickly learned that it is for me to share. My passion is praising Jesus, and worshiping with my peers. My goal is to help upcoming and seasoned musicians reach their full potential. I love music, I love to worship. Here is your opportunity to do this with me. This is a time for me to be practical, to go in depth, to be honest. To make a sound louder than my guitars or amp with my drive to see others succeed. This, is An Honest Sound. -AO

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